1. GEODESIC the works to build the stake out the basis for building

1. GEODESIC the works to build the stake out the basis for building

Geodetic Service Construction Company "Vira" offers and the performs all types of geodetic work in the construction, engineering, surveying and other special work in the field of geodesy, which can help the partners in solving their projects.
The complex control survey in the construction we are doing:
- Acceptance of the geodesic stake out basis for building;
- Checking the geometric dimensions, of coordinates and altitude in the working drawings to perform stakeout applications;
- Geodetic Setting Out Site Work in the construction process to the transfer schemes breakdown linear plots engineers, contractors
- Shootings excavation and counting of volume at excavations during construction;
- Conformity provisions of geodesic control of designs and parts of buildings project drawings;
-executive geodetic survey of bearing structures buildings
- Drawing up the executive circuits for completed executive surveys;
2. TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEYS of scale 1:500

2. TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEYS of scale 1:500

In the composition, operated by us engineering and geodesic works include:
- of scale 1:500 topographic surveys
- Geodetic works on creation the stake out basis for building;
- Benchmarks geodetic survey;
- Facade recording buildings
- Tacheometry dumps, quarries, reservoirs;
- other special shooting.
3. GEODESIC marking works in the construction process

3. GEODESIC marking works in the construction process

Each work is performed us with high quality, which is guaranteed by our qualified professionals and modern equipment.
Technically Geodetic Survey has at its disposal modern surveying instruments and equipment:
- Dual-frequency receivers GRX1 of SOKKIA, which are using global navigation satellite systems (GPS and GLONASS) can accurately determine the coordinates of points of shooting.
- Total stations of SOKKIA SET530-RK3, SET550-RX, which allow you to shoot quickly and the solve various surveying tasks.
- Appliances vertical design FG-L100, with high accuracy transfer horizontal coordinates to the upper floors of high-rise buildings under construction.
- Optical levels of SOKKIA C-330.
- Software Topcon Tools, TopSURV, Credo.dat, Credo.obemy.
4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying

4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying

Pricing geodetic work formed according DBN D.1.1-7-2000 "Rules for determining the value of design and survey works for construction, carried out on the territory of Ukraine" and "Compendium prices survey work for major construction" (1982). Establishment of final prices realized in the course of negotiations with the customers specific work depending on the requirements specification, the scope and terms of work, physical and geographical characteristics of the objects.
Geodetic Service of construction company "VIRA" is always ready to help you in your projects geometry.


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