4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying
4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying
4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying

4. EXECUTIVE Geodetic Surveying

Executive survey - surveying, made after a certain phase of construction, which is provided to the customer to confirm the executed volume, as well as providing data on the geometrical deviations from the project made in the course of construction.
According to the results of the executive surveying compiled executive geodetic scheme. The diagrams are applied design and the actual size or deviations.
Main stages in the production of this type of work:
1. Preparatory stage. After receiving the specification for executive survey accepted and reviewed all project drawings required for the work (the general plan, the different horizontal alignment design drawings, circuit split with the geodesic staked base from which made marking works) and conducted reconnaissance on the subject.
2. The field work and processing of geodetic measurements - the main stage of executive survey, which included the admission by surveyors to the area of ​​work, which produces executive survey of points staked geodetic network of all survey points stipulated specifications. If necessary, laid traverse.
3. Office studies. Upon completion of field work performed by the Executive flowchart job site with all AutoCAD drawing in the required sizes and camera angles with deviations from the design drawings. Executive diagram drawn to scale, and with a legend.
4. The final stage. Contractor sends the customer an option of executive schemes in electronic form (format AutoCAD) and in hard copy. Executive surveying sign surveyor, building firm and the chief engineer of a construction company to take the job.


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