The globalization of the market, a sharp increase in competition, the company's participation in the implementation of major national and international programs, determines the main objective pursued by the company in the field of quality. This employment position as a leader in the construction sector of the market, customer focus, to the satisfaction of his just demands and expectations at the highest level. Achievement of the strategic goals is through the introduction of scientific - technical progress in all areas of the company.

  • Revolutionary technology, vehicles, equipment
  • Quality control
  • Professional and competent staff
  • The quality management system

A high level of social responsibility, environmental protection. Improving the quality management system is achieved through the ongoing monitoring process and to take corrective and preventive measures.

In its work the company uses modern technology of construction, guided by the applicable regulations, standards, building codes and regulations. Providing a competitive level of quality of work, services, materials is a strategic direction to achieve a leading position.

Geodetic Survey of construction company "Veer" provides all types of geodetic work in construction, engineering, surveying and other special work in the field of geodesy. High quality engineering and surveying specialists guarantee qualification and use in the process of modern equipment.

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